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Last Spring we completed Ashlee’s new album entitled a lullaby album. It’s fantastic. Go check it out at if you get the chance. There are some great tracks on there!

The guitar book was completed just one month before that. The tracks are available at:

In February of 2010 we produced an album for Michael Braz. It's a collection of love songs and classical arrangements for piano. His musicianship is the best there is hands down. He included one of my tracks "Idle Tears" as a piano arrangement. Very nicely done!

Then there’s
the pieces of smalltown... I’ve been talking about that album for years... I keep writing new songs for it. To be honest with you, I really like the direction I’m going and I’m glad I put it off. 2010 is it’s year... I begin tracking it in May 2010 and then we’ll release it when it’s done. I’m taking my time to get it right. Stay tuned. I promise I'll work on it and get it done right!
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Ashlee's Lullaby album. Released in 2009.

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Mike Braz's new ablum love in a new key. Released in 2010